Young Families Need Guardians

If you are the parents of or caring for young children or dependents, you need to ensure that you have a plan in place if something happens to you.

Most younger families don’t give ‘estate planning’ a lot of thought because they don’t think they have enough of an estate to worry. But estate planning is more than just about money. It’s about ensuring a smooth transition of all of your affairs if something happens to you at anytime.

A key concern we have for younger families is making sure Guardians are appointed, both in a Power of Attorney and Last Will & Testament. If you do not appoint guardians yourself, and something happens to you, the Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court will get involved and guardians will be appointed by a judge. 

Do you really want somebody you don’t know appointing a person to care for your children? Wouldn’t you feel better off if you decided that in advance?

Every family will have different goals when it comes to estate planning. This is just one of many examples where it’s more than just money as a concern.

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