Who should be my Executor?

The question is simple, and we hear it every day in our firm. Who should manage my affairs when I die? 

No doubt, it's not the most pleasant of subjects. No one enjoys planning for their death. But naming someone to settle your affairs when you go is crucial. 
Even more crucial is naming someone you trust, someone who is competent to take on the role, and someone who is a peace maker. 
Your executor may or may not be someone in your family. Usually for moderate estates, it is a family member. With more complex or larger estates, an executor role may play a small role, whereas a trustee may play a significant role.
Our firm is trained to help you choose an executor that is appropriate for your estate. We spend a lot of our time with our clients to understand their circumstances. Only at that point can we can advise on who would or wouldn't be a good choice. 
Here are some factors we analyze in choosing an executor:
  • 150% Trustworthy
  • Peacemaker
  • Competent
  • Ability to accept role and carry out all parts of role
  • Location (closer, the better)
  • Relationship with other family members
  • How ethical the person is
Choosing an executor is important. If we can be of assistance to you or your family for any estate planning matters, please call us today (215) 706-0200. Our initial consultations are always complementary.