Update Your Estate Plan!


The Only Good Estate Plan is an Updated Estate Plan.

Lately, many of my newest clients have come to me with very old wills and powers of attorney. The plan is nicely done, folded and tucked in a nice envelope. The older the will, the harder it is for me to unfold. Once I dust it off, the will done on the typewriter is readable. 

In any case, it's a relief to me when these clients visit with me and actually become clients. My thought is, at least I can help this family update their plan, because most of the time, the plan no longer reflects their wishes, values, or the realities of their family situation. 

Many times, the kids were young when you first sat down to make your will. The needs were different. The choice of executor or power of attorney may be a sibling that you no longer feel comfortable with having serve in these roles. The estate size and value have changed, as well as the types of accounts and assets you own. Maybe there has been a second, or third marriage. You get the point! 

That's why the only good estate plan is an updated one. An old estate plan may have provisions in it that go against your current wishes today. 

If you have an old estate plan, I applaud you for doing some planning in the first place. Too many people fail to plan. But now, take the next step and make sure to keep that plan updated. I recommend checking your plan every 3 years, and updating it every 5-10 years. Those are rough guidelines. If there are any major changes in your family or circumstances, update the plan immediately.