Top 5 Reasons to Consider an IRA Trust

Top 5 Reasons To Consider a Trust For Your IRA

Why worry about putting your IRA into a trust? More and more families are putting in place a Retirement Asset Protection Trust today, and we give you a few reasons why here.

5 – IRA’s are Valuable: Your IRA’s may be a significant portion of your estate. If you protect other portions of your estate, why would not consider protecting your IRA?

4 – IRA’s are Tricky: You can’t put an IRA into an ordinary living trust. IRA’s work differently, and for your heirs to take advantage of the special tax benefits, you must use a special trust, the Retirement Asset Protection Trust.

3 – Stretch-Out: IRA’s can grow tax-deferred or tax-free. That means you get more compounding and less principal withdrawal. This works the same when your heirs inherit the IRA. The younger the beneficiary, the less required minimum distribution they have to withdraw annually. The benefits of stretch-out over many years is astounding and can provide a pension for life for your beneficiaries.

2 – Control From The Grave: You can ensure that the IRA is spent the way you want it to be spent, and given to whom you want it to be given to. For instance, if you pass your IRA down to your children, and they eventually pass, would you rather the IRA go to your favorite son-in-law or daughter-in-law, or directly to your grandchildren? Without a trust, you have no say in what happens to the IRA.

1 – Asset Protection:    Without a trust, your beneficiary and his or her inherited IRA is not protected from divorce proceedings, creditor problems, lawsuits, bankruptcy and a beneficiary’s own spendthrift habits. A trust can provide a shield of asset protection to such an important asset.


The top five reasons to use a trust for your IRA is just scratching the surface. If you’d like our special report on the Retirement Asset Protection Trust, email us at today.