Top 10 Signs It’s Time To Review Your Plan



Your estate plan should be reviewed on a regular basis. Here are ten signs that it is time to review it. If you are not sure whether your plan needs to be altered, get in touch with our office at anytime.

  1. Your plan was crafted over five years ago.
  2. You moved to a different state.
  3. You got re-married, or got divorced.
  4. You’ve been blessed with grandchildren.
  5. You no longer talk to one of your kids, or you have reconnected with your child.
  6. You are now widowed.
  7. You have acquired significant assets, or lost substantial assets.
  8. You don’t feel that your plan really meets the test for a good estate plan: “Give what you want, to whom you want, when you want and how you want.”
  9. You have over $1 million in assets, or you and your spouse together have over $2 million in assets, which means there may be pending estate tax implications for you.
  10. You’re worried about your kids, either because they spend too much, they are in a high risk profession, they may get divorced, etc.

In general, any time that an event occurs that changes your life or your family should prompt you to review your plan. We are pleased to provide a complementary consultation to you if you wish for our office to review your plan.


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