Ten Reasons To Write A Will

Without a Will (or a trust for that matter), your estate will be dealt with according to the state law in place. In Pennsylvania, the estate becomes an “Intestate Estate” and is divided based on who your closest living family members are that survive you. Without a will, you are severely limited with who handles your estate, how it is divided, and more.

The 10 items below are not available to someone without a will.

  1. You can name someone to care for your kids or dependents upon your death
  2. Distributes your assets as you wish, and can establish trusts if you don’t want a beneficiary getting an inheritance all at once
  3. Puts someone in charge of any pets you have, and provides compensation
  4. Allows you to name who your Executor will be (very important in avoiding conflicts!)
  5. Can disinherit someone if you wish
  6. List who gets what for assets both big and small. Consider large assets like real estate, and smaller assets like jewelry, valuables, etc.
  7. Expresses your wish for your final arrangements (burial, cremation, etc.)
  8. Minimize challenges to your estate with proper language and considerations
  9. Take advantage of any estate or inheritance tax planning possible with current laws
  10. NOT split your assets evenly among your kids (maybe one is much better off than the other two)


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