The Law Offices of Jeremy A. Wechsler is pleased to offer an initial complimentary consultation for estate planning cases. Our clients love us because we give them the time, attention and friendly service that you can see in our reviews and testimonials. We can’t wait to help you! However, given the limited time available, we want to be sure that you understand the requirements for an initial consultation.

The purpose of the first consultation is to figure out how we can help you, which begins by learning more about your estate planning goals and concerns, and beginning to design a plan that fits your goals.

  1. Questionnaire: Our office will send you a Questionnaire that must be completed prior to the beginning of the meeting. We require that you provide an accurate list of the assets in your estate. Without this information, we cannot begin to design an accurate plan. If you have a list of assets in a different format from our questionnaire, you are welcome to bring your own list to the meeting.
  2. Spouse: If you are married, both spouses are required to attend the first meeting. If you have a special circumstance, please inform us in advance when booking your appointment. In most cases, unless both spouses are present, we will not hold the first meeting.
  3. Non-Client: Occasionally, another individual will bring in a prospective client to our office (i.e., child bringing parent in). Please understand that our office’s duty is to identify who the client is and give that individual the opportunity to speak to the attorney alone.
  4. Length of Appointment: Our initial consultation is for 60 minutes. In order to maximize our time, please arrive 10 minutes early to your meeting and account for any traffic/weather issues. If having a Zoom consultation, please ensure your device has a camera, microphone, and that you have a Zoom account.
  5. Cancellation/Rescheduling: If you need to re-schedule your appointment, please call or email at least one business day in advance. If you re-schedule more than once, we will ask that you provide a deposit if you wish to schedule the consultation. No-shows will not be granted another complimentary meeting. 
  6. Evening/Weekend/Home Visit Appointments: Our office does offer flexibility in our scheduling, and we can come to you. However, for evening, weekend and home visit appointments, there is a non-refundable fee of $300.
  7. Retaining Services: Our assumption in meeting is that you have an estate planning need and would consider retaining our services at the conclusion of the first meeting. You are under no obligation to retain us. However, we can only proceed in designing your estate plan if you sign an Engagement Agreement. At that point, a portion of the fee will be due. We accept personal checks, Visa or Mastercard. Please bring one of those forms of payment with you in case you decide to retain our services. If you do not retain our services, but wish to have a second meeting to further discuss the plan, there will be a consultation fee for the second meeting.
  8. Amending Your Existing Plan: If your existing estate plan was not designed and implemented by The Law Offices of Jeremy A. Wechsler, we cannot “amend” your existing plan under any circumstances. We can only design a new plan for you. If you insist on having the current plan amended, please consider meeting with the attorney who designed your plan.
  9. Legal Issues: This meeting is for personal estate planning and elder planning only. We can refer your other legal matters to other qualified attorneys. However, if your concerns are not principally personal estate planning, the initial complimentary meeting is not appropriate. 
  10. State Law: Our law firm practices in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only. We cannot assist with any legal matters outside of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

For over eleven years, we have been successfully helping clients design well-crafted legacy plans, and we look forward to helping your family do the same. We look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Thank you for your understanding in adhering to the above terms.

Please Note: The law firm reserves the right not to meet with the prospective client if any of the terms above are not met. No attorney client relationship is formed unless and until a retainer agreement is signed by both the attorney and prospective client.