Is it time for a WILL review?

Is it time to update your LAST WILL & TESTAMENT? You don't know until you review it! We've put together a few tips this week for when it's a good time for you to pull the will out of storage and give it a review. 

1. THE WILL IS FIVE OR MORE YEARS OLD: You should review your estate plan at least every five years, even if you feel nothing has changed. It's a good habit to get into, so that you can be sure your plan works for you.

2. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE WILL: If you see parts of the will you simply do not understand, you may want to get it reviewed. Chances are, some of the sections or the language may simply be out of date.

3. YOU GET RE-MARRIED, DIVORCED, OR ARE NOW WIDOWED: The change in your marital status should prompt a will review and mostly likely require significant changes to your WILL.

4. YOUR KIDS WERE YOUNG WHEN YOU WROTE YOUR WILL: Now that the children are older, maybe out of college or even married with children, you probably have quite a few revisions to make in your will. 

5. NEW GRANDKIDS: You may wish to leave grandkids a direct inheritance, or not. But either way, you should make sure your will is reviewed when you have new grandkids. If they come into the inheritance early for some reason, you want to ensure that proper plans are made.

6. YOUR WEALTH HAS CHANGED FOR THE BETTER OR WORSE: Significant changes in your wealth should prompt a review of your will. There may be new strategies, depending on what types of assets you have and what your goals are.

Do you need a review of your Last Will & Testament? Call us to schedule a no-obligation Will review at (215) 706-0200. We'll take 30 minutes of your time and tell you whether you may need an update or not.