How Much Of Your Personal Information Is Unwittingly Accessible?

We just recently passed the 10th anniversary of the iPhone – a device a good many of us have become reliant on in our day-to-day lives ever since Steve Jobs introduced it back in 2007.  I know I love mine!
In the years since the phone’s introduction, we’ve seen must-have accessories introduced (wireless headphones!  iWatches!!), and we’ve seen helpful features added with each update.  One of the best features is the HealthKit – a bit of software added to the iPhone back with iOS 8 that allows the phone to do a number of health-related tasks. 

HealthKit can track the amount of steps you walk per day, for one, sync with other devices that can track information (the iWatch’s heartrate monitor, etc.) and it can also keep track of your medical information so that if you’re ever injured or incapacitated, medical staff can access that info quickly.
While it’s handy to have ready access to all that data, it’s also a danger.  Should you lose your phone, anyone who finds it would then have access to all that personal info.  And while you may not worry about a crook discovering your high blood pressure or your allergy to penicillin, you probably don’t want to give a potential scammer access to your emergency contacts.
Clients of mine that are using LegalVault are finding a second step verification that eliminates these privacy concerns.  If you’re unfamiliar with LegalVault, it’s an online service that keeps digital copies of a person’s legal documents on a confidential, secured server.  The documents are only accessible through a specific login & request process, typically dictated to other attorneys and medical professionals via a small card kept in the LegalVault user’s wallet. 
My clients are simply storing this personal medical information IN LegalVault, alongside their wills, trusts, POAs and ADs.  In place of the medical information, they’re leaving a short note in the Health app for providers to find and use the LegalVault card in their wallet.  If they lose their phone and a scammer finds it, all they see is the note.  If there’s an emergency and a medical professional looks at it, they can still find the information. 
I hope that you’re keeping track of your health information in a safe and comprehensive way.  If you’d like to learn more about LegalVault and the protections it offers, please don’t hesitate to call us at 215-706-0200 or email me at