Estate planning in the uncertain economy

Proper estate planning during the challenging economic times we face is essential. Sure, proper estate planning does come at a cost. However, the cost of not planning is potentially much greater for your family.

Estate planning is for everyone, regarding of income and asset levels. The belief by some that estate planning is only for millionaires is simply not reality.

What are the benefits of estate planning during uncertain times?

  • Make sure that if you become disabled or incapacitated (over 50% of us do at some point in our lives), we have a plan ready so that no guardianship proceedings are needed
  • Understand exactly what your estate is worth — many families find this extremely valuable
  • We can assist you in coordinating your last wishes with a retirement plan that will ensure you do not run out of money as long as you live
  • Although the times are uncertain, you will feel better knowing that you have a plan that is certain to work for your family when it needs to be executed.

We do not believe estate planning has to be expensive, but we do believe each plan must be effective. Contact us today at (215) 706-0200 to set up your complementary consultation today.