Did Steve Jobs Have An Estate Plan?

Even several weeks after his death, people are still talking about Steve Jobs and his contributions to the technological advances we've made in the last 30 years. Just last week, there was a memorial for Apple employees, shutting down every Apple store for a couple of hours, to celebrate the life of Steve Jobs. I remember using the Mac Classic, a black and white Apple computer from the 1980’s, and being fascinated by what was then advanced technology (no WiFi, no Facebook, no internet but still great!). People are going to be talking about Steve Jobs for a long time.

As your estate planning attorney, I was intensely curious about what type of estate plan Jobs created. We have plenty of wealthy individuals who have not engaged in estate planning, and their affairs are simply a mess.  People like Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr. and others lost a huge amount of their estate to unnecessary taxes because they didn’t plan properly. We can learn a lot from their mistakes. But we can also learn from those who actually did take the time to plan, like Steve Jobs. To be honest, the less we can learn about their estate plan, the better their estate plan probably was!

To read more about what Steve Jobs did and didn’t do, check out the Forbes article on his estate plan here.

Every estate plan is different. Most people don’t have the wealth that Steve Jobs had. Nonetheless, everyone needs a plan that works for them and avoids disputes, excessive taxes, and unhappy heirs. If Steve Jobs didn’t put the proper plan in place, we will surely find out sooner or later.

Have a great week!