COVID-19 and Estate Planning

With COVID-19 and non-stop talk about the Coronavirus spread, is now the right time to start thinking about estate planning? Certainly, events like this force all of us to think about essentials–taking care of ourselves, our family, and making sure we have enough food and supplies. It is natural to want to put any non-essential task/project aside. I know I have done the same, preferring to use my time, energy and money for essentials right now.

My office is currently working virtually for the time being. Estate planning in Pennsylvania still requires documents to be signed, witnessed and notarized in person. Naturally, this makes signing estate planning documents nearly impossible for the next couple of weeks (at least). 

However, an estate plan isn’t crafted in a day, and if you have time on your hands and want to start the estate planning process, my office can certainly help you. Although it’s not my preferred way of working/meeting with clients, I am regularly taking meetings via telephone. If you are thinking about estate planning now and wish to start that process, email me at and we can schedule a time/day for call. 

Stay safe out there, and please follow all local, state and federal guidelines to protect you and your loved ones.