Asset Preservation: Your HOME


Preserving your assets is possible even if you are about to enter into a nursing home. But the worst thing you can do is wait until you're no longer healthy to start planning. Instead, start planning while you are healthy!

Like most people, if you own a home, typically that's your greatest concern when you sit down to consider what assets are most in need of protection.

Consider an example: Jon and Mary, both 68, own a $250,000 home. They have two children. Neither has long-term care insurance. Jon's health is a source of concern, but his doctors are confident that based on current information, he will not need long-term care for at least another 7-10 years. This presents a great opportunity to plan in advance.

With our customized Nursing Home Protection+ Account solution, we can protect Jon and Mary's home from ever being taken if Jon goes into a nursing home. Even better, when Jon and Mary both pass on, the house won't be subject to estate recovery. In other words, their two children will be able to inherit the house, even if Medicaid wants to re-coup their costs by taking the house. 

This type of asset preservation requires special skills and must be done carefully after considering many factors.

If you're interested in this type of planning, please contact our office today.