A Great Estate Planning Tool: Life Insurance

What if we told you that there is a financial product available that does the following:

  • Transfers wealth tax-free to your spouse and/or your heirs (that includes Pennsylvania inheritance tax, federal estate tax, federal income tax and state income tax).
  • Ensures that any income loss as a result of your death does not affect your spouse or family negatively.
  • Provide safety of investment from market risk or market loss.
  • Provide you with long term care coverage if you need it.

Certain life insurance policies can achieve all of those goals! Yes, not everyone can get covered or is eligible, but you'd be surprised how insurance companies are rapidly changing and covering more individuals under these types of policies.

One of the greatest benefits of these policies is providing you with long term care coverage if you ever require it. Your death benefit would be used towards your long term care costs. That means no traditional long term care policy is needed, and your estate won't be diminished if you need care, leaving nothing for your family.

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